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- Planet Ganarria -

The Gannaria Command Center is located in Atra Navea Academy city which was created as a welcoming and training nexus for new Wraiths recruits. The city contains many different types of facilities that allow basic and advanced training to be conducted without the need to travel to several different locations.

Although much of Gannaria is covered by oceans, it is a lush world with dense jungles, vast forests, and rolling grasslands with pristine glaciers at the north and south poles.

The Kaar Archipelago

Potential new recruits:

If you are interested in joining the Wraiths, please contact a leader and be ready to show your worth!

Atra Navea Academy city

Diplomatic envoys:

If you are on diplomatic business please let yourself be known to a leader in darkness and you will be contacted by an appropriate individual to continue discussion within the Wraith Envoy area.
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